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"It's Gamer Time."

Sean Samarov is a technologist, system administrator, full stack web developer and web designer, and hobbyist musician.
My skillset includes PHP, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Bash, system administration for Linux systems, server and desktop hardware configuration, and knocking out sick bass riffs.

Boring Version

Ineptitech is a team of passionate developers who specialize in designing and developing web applications. Their portfolio includes work for online communities, content creators, eSports teams, and social media influencers, and they are equipped to serve the needs of any organization or individual.

Dinosaur Earth Society is a satirical online social media presence which mimics and pokes fun at the Flat Earth Society.

Pyrrhos Hosting is a now-defunct game server hosting service.

GameBubble is a free browser-based game lobby system for Steam community servers.